Museum Collection

2020-2021 The Big Storm - Pandemic Tim

Art Museum of The Americas (OAS), Washington, DC The Big Storm, Pandemic Time, 2020-2021, (Painting Mural) Acrylic on canvas 98x104 inches

American Art Museum (Smithsonian), Washington Black Little Angel, 2010 Acrylic on canvas 48x36 inches

The Ronald H. Cordover Family Foundation, New York, N.Y. The Falling of Icarus, 2007 Acrylic on canvas 30x40 inches

Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, Florida The Celebration #3, 2004 Acrylic on canvas,
36x48 inches

Smithsonian American Art Museum

Washington. D.C.

The Ronald H. Cordover Family Foundation

New York, N.Y

Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami


Museum of Art

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Gulf Coast Museum of Art

Largo, Florida

The Frost Art Museum

Miami, Florida

Tampa Museum of Art

Tampa Florida

City of Orlando Museum

Orlando Florida

Miami Main Public Library

Miami, Florida

The Frost Art Museum, Florida International University Miami, Florida Two Artists on the Carousel of Life”, 2002, Acrylic on canvas, 50x62 inches

Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, Florida An Artist with Fireflies in His Hair, 2001 Acrylic on canvas 24x24inches

NSF Museum Ft. Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, Florida Boy with Black Pacifier, 1994 Acrylic on canvas 46x42 inches